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frequently asked questions

How long will it glow for?
Theoretically if the ecoglo has been fully charged it will be visible for up to 110 hours (0.3 mcd).

For aisle lighting purposes ecoglo is a practical alternative for up to 4 hours (15 mcd/m2) if fully charged.

In emergency lighting systems ecoglo can be effective for up to 12 hours (4.5 mcd/m2) if the system is fully charged and utilises contrast.

Charging times required for Public Assembly facilities
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Charging times required for Emergency Lighting situations
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Is this system code compliant?
The system can be specified as an enhancement to existing or new emergency lighting systems. ecoglo® systems are certified to meet aisle lighting provisions of the UBC and IBC as approved by the International Code Council.

What are the best lights to use?
Fluorescent or metal halide lights are great sources of UV light – the best charging light for ecoglo®. Halogen and other incandescent filament lights are not as rich in UV so will need to be brighter for ecoglo® to work as well.

Does the system work out of doors?
Yes, ecoglo® is rated for outdoor use. Tests show a minimal (<5%) degradation over the equivalent of 20 years of outdoor exposure – much less if installed inside.

How long will ecoglo® last before it needs replacing?
Outside installations should last for a minimum of 30 years. Inside installations even longer.

How does the system respond to cleaning?
Tests have shown that the ecoglo® system will not be affected by most cleaning chemicals, however avoid the use of highly alkaline (greater than pH 12) undiluted cleaning chemicals.
Many ecoglo® customers use high pressure water cleaning with no affect on the product. Steam cleaning is not recommended.

Is the system patented?
ecoglo Ltd has applied for and/or been granted patents in a wide range of jurisdictions.
The patents apply to the method of production, the apparatus used in production and the product itself.

Additional patent applications have been lodged relating to advances made by ecoglo Ltd’s ongoing research and development activities.

How comprehensive has your testing been?
To gain accreditation with the International Code Commission the ecoglo® product set was subjected to a range of ASTM tests for performance including luminance, washability, non-slip performance and resilience, UV resistance and others.

A full list of the tests and results are included in the ICC Engineering Report.
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